Historical Moments Where mankind Has Ever Seen

There are countless events that have somehow affected the history of mankind. And while some of the most important events are overshadowed by smaller ones, each of them has its own importance and encourages future research. We have collected 9 strange activites that the world has been seen

1. The Mississippi River

This river in the United States is the fourth longest in the world. In 2012, Hurricane Isaac forced the Mississippi River to run back 24 hours, and also forced the river to reach levels almost 3 meters above normal.

2 Tunguska meteorite

This is an explosion that occurred in 1908 near the Podkamennaya Tunguska. Some theories say that the explosion was caused by a meteorite that penetrated the atmosphere and exploded before it reached the ground, releasing energy equivalent to 185 Hiroshima bombs. There were no craters because the giant stone fell apart before striking the ground, but it burned vegetation, killed animals, and to this day trees do not grow in this area.

3. The geomagnetic storm of 1859

This event took place in 1859 and is considered one of the most extreme in the history of solar storms. More precisely, it happened that several solar particles collided with the Earth's magnetic field, which was a manifestation of another phenomenon known as the northern lights. But this radiance was much more powerful, and it was visible in many regions.

4. Toba's super-eruption

The super volcano of Toba caused the almost complete extinction of the human race about 74,000 years ago. This explosion threw out so much ash and sulfur gas that they blocked sunlight and made life impossible on Earth: plants and animals died, and the air became toxic and it was difficult to breathe. Since that day, Toba Lake on the island of Sumatra remains the largest crater lake in the world. But how did people survive after this terrible disaster? It is believed that the eruption probably created areas called refugia, where people can survive in harsh conditions.

5. Comet West

This impressive comet crossed the sky during the 1970s, leaving a bright mark.

6. Dance plague

This strange event dates back to the 16th century in Strasbourg, where from 50 to 400 people took to the streets to dance uncontrollably for several days. About 15 people died every day due to exhaustion and heart attacks, and many others were taken to the hospital. Although this phenomenon cannot be explained, there are many theories.

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