OMG !! – 10 scariest places in India

Check out the scariest and haunted places in India


The stories of ghosts have always fascinated people. Do ghosts occur in reality or are they just talk of scary places? In another, where scientists call soul and ghost etc. as mere human brain produce and illusion, there are others and some people who say the claims and experiences of ghosts with claims. Many documentaries and haunted etc. programs appearing on the Discovery Channel also appear to make the claims of earthly life come true.

There are also some scary places in India which are known for the extraterrestrial events and activities. There are many places in India, where in reality people see ghost sighting almost as true. Let’s know about the most frightening places in India.

  1. 10 Barog Tunnel

    This tunnel was constructed by an English engineer Barog. Therefore, it is also called Barog Tunnel, people believe that the British incharge Barog, who built this tunnel, made a big mistake that at once started the work of constructing the tunnel from both sides. Due to speculation, both ends of the tunnel could not be found, due to which a rupee fine was imposed on them. He was so much saddened by this lapse that he shot himself and went on a walk with his dog and killed himself. Even today, the spirit of that British engineer wanders in it. A board has been put in place to prevent people from going into this tunnel.

  2. 9 GP Block of Meerut

    GP in Meerut, UP A house in the block is said to be the abode of ghosts of many boys and girls. Some people even say about Meerut's ghost bungalow that this bungalow is in the GP block of Ganganagar.

  3. 8 Raj Kiran Hotel, Mumbai

    People living in the ground floor room of the Raj Kiran Hotel complain that if someone pulls their bed sheet at night, someone wakes them up. The initial silence of this room is enough to scare you. The ground floor of this hotel has many strange movements that make this place scary.

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