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16 chilling facts about the Titanic that will leave you freak out

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  1. 16 And finally, the remains of the Titanic were not discovered at the bottom of the sea until 1985 .

  2. 15 The richest passenger on board was John Jacob Astor IV , heir to the fortune of the Astor family.

    Although he did not survive, his pregnant wife, Madeleine Talmage Force, did.

  3. 14 The documentary Titanic: the new evidence speculates that a fire may have contributed to the sinking of the Titanic .

    The documentary states that the 9-meter black stroke that can be seen in the photo above is the "evidence that a fire under the covers in a coal bunker caused serious damage that weakened the ship's hull in the same area where the iceberg hit later. "

  4. 13 Violet Jessop, a stewardess of the ship, is the only woman who survived both the wreck of the Titanic and that of her sister ship, the Britannic .

  5. 12 And there was also a pool, which was located on the central deck.

  6. 11 On board the ship with a gym with "cycling machines."

  7. 10 The last survivor of the Titanic , Millvina Dean, died at age 97 in 2009.

    Dean was the youngest of the ship's survivors and was only 9 weeks old when the ship sank.

  8. 9 Milton Hershey, of the Hershey's chocolate company, was supposed to have traveled on the Titanic , but on business he boarded another ship that was leaving earlier.

    Other personalities that almost embarked are financier JP Morgan, 34-year-old billionaire Alfred Vanderbilt - who died three years later in the sinking of the Lusitania - and Henry Clay Frick, baron of the steel industry in Pittsburgh, who canceled his ticket when his wife He sprained his ankle.

  9. 8 Diving in a water as cold as the sea was to which the passengers of the Titanic had to jump has been described as "being stabbed by a thousand knives everywhere simultaneously".

  10. 7 This is what one of the ship's life jackets looked like.

    Actually it is the life jacket of Laura Mabel Francatelli , a survivor of the Titanic disaster , and is signed by other survivors who were in her same lifeboat.

  11. 6 The Titanic was prepared to transport approximately 64 lifeboats, but only carried about 20 .

  12. 5 And on April 12, 1912, first-class passengers ate halibut with shrimp sauce, duck fillets with peas or flan.

  13. 4 On April 11, 1912, three days before the sinking, second-class passengers ate cooked corn, grilled ox, livers and bacon, chips, buckwheat cakes and many more dishes.

  14. 3 The violin that sounded when the Titanic was sinking was auctioned in 2013 for 1.7 million dollars .

    The auction house Henry Aldridge and Sons took seven years to prove that the violin was authentic and that it belonged to Wallace Hartley, leader of the Titanic band .

  15. 2 There is a real letter that, in addition to being written the day the Titanic sank, also survived the tragedy.

    The letter, which was written by survivor Esther Hart and that is printed with the Titanic letterhead , talks about Hart and his daughter going to sing at a concert aboard the ship "tomorrow night."

  16. 1 A first class ticket cost $ 2,560 (€ 2,400) , which today equals $ 61,000 (€ 54,900).

    For the price of that ticket, passenger Charlotte Drake Cardeza obtained a three-bedroom suite with two bedrooms and a living room, plus two dressing rooms and a bathroom. It also had a private deck of 15 meters.

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