Interesting facts about Mammoth

  1. Archaeological finds indicate that mammoths reached a height of over 5m (16 ft), with a weight of 14-15 tons.
  2. Throughout the world, mammoths became extinct more than 7 million years ago, however, on the Russian island of Wrangel, their subspecies existed about 4000 years ago
  3. It is interesting that mammoths were twice as large as African elephants  which today are considered the largest ethereal animals.
  4. In Siberia and Alaska , frequent cases of the presence of mammoth corpses, preserved in excellent condition due to their stay in permafrost are known.
  5. Scientists say that mammoths are mutating Asian elephants.
  6. Unlike the elephant, the mammoth did not have such long legs, smaller ears and long hair, which allowed him to survive in harsh conditions.
  7. An interesting fact is that since the time the dinosaurs became extinct , it was the mammoths that were the largest creatures on earth.
  8. Our ancient ancestors hunted mammoths not only for meat, but also for skins and bones.
  9. When hunting for a mammoth, people dug deep pit traps neatly covered with branches and leaves. When the animal was in the pit, it could no longer get out.
  10. Did you know that on the back of the mammoth was a hump in which fat accumulated? Thanks to this, mammals managed to survive hunger times.
  11. Mammoths possessed two powerful tusks, reaching a length of 4 m (13 -15ft).
  12. During their lifetime, a change of teeth in mammals will take place up to 6 times.
  13. Today, various ornaments, caskets, scallops, figurines, and other products are legally made from mammoth tusks.
  14. In 2019, in Yakutia, the extraction and export of mammoth remains was estimated to be from 2 to 4 billion rubles .
  15. Experts suggest that warm coat and fat reserves allowed the mammoth to survive at a temperature of –50 ⁰С.
  16. In the northern regions of our planet, where permafrost stands, archaeologists still find mammoths. Due to low temperatures, the remains of animals are kept in excellent condition.
  17. In scientific documents dated 18-19 centuries, there are records that state that the dogs of the researchers repeatedly ate the meat and bones of mammoths.
  18. When the mammoths did not have enough food, they began to eat the bark of trees.
  19. Ancient people depicted on the rocks of mammoths more often than any other animals.
  20. An interesting fact is that the weight of one mammoth tusk reached 100 kg.
  21. It is believed that mammoths consumed 2 times less food than modern elephants.
  22. The mammoth tusk is more durable than the elephant tusk.
  23. Today, scientists are working to restore the mammoth population. At the moment, there are active studies of animal DNA.
  24. In Magadan and Salekhard, mammoth monuments made in full size are installed.
  25. Mammoths are not solitary animals. It is believed that they lived in small groups consisting of 5-15 individuals.
  26. Around the same time as the mammoths, the mastodons became extinct. They also had tusks and a trunk, but they were much smaller. (Read Interesting facts about Elephants) | Lion Facts

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