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Interesting Facts about Gorilla’s

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Perhaps the most famous of all primates, gorillas, are now on the verge of extinction, at least some of their species. Human civilization ousted them from their usual habitat, endangering the existence of the population itself, despite all the measures taken to protect them. the numbers are reducing gradually to the extinction.

Gorillas Facts

1. Gorillas are the largest primates on the planet and perhaps the most famous of all primates. Gorillas are now on the verge of extinction, at least some of their species. Hunting them is prohibited everywhere.

2. Gorilla DNA is 98% identical to human DNA, thus, gorillas are one of the closest relatives of modern humans, including baboons and chimpanzees.

3. In the wild, gorillas live only in the tropical forests of Africa.

4. The most numerous gorillas are lowland. According to the Smithsonian National Zoo, in the wild there are about 175 thousand individuals.

5. Among the lowland gorillas, the most numerous population is the western lowland gorillas.

6. Western lowland gorillas live in Cameroon, Central African Republic, Gabon, Congo and Equatorial Guinea.

7. Unlike most other monkeys, gorillas lead a land-based lifestyle, climbing trees only occasionally.

8. Among all monkeys, gorillas are the strongest.

9. Male growth in these animals can reach 2 meters in height, and this with a shoulder width of 1 meter.

10. Despite the formidable appearance, they all eat exclusively plant foods.

11. Eastern lowland gorillas inhabit the territory of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

12. An adult gorilla is stronger than any person on Earth. On average, a male is 6-8 times stronger than a trained man.

13. Only female gorillas sometimes fight among themselves, and even so infrequently. And males fight only if one of the members of the pack decides to challenge the leadership of the alpha male. But such battles do not reach death and serious injuries.

14. Gorillas do not have any obvious language, but they can make 22 different sounds that they use to communicate with each other.

15. Since the leaves are not too high in calories, an adult gorilla needs 25-30 kilograms of food daily.

16. Western river gorillas are the rarest large monkeys on the planet, about 300 individuals remain in the wild.

17. On average, these primates become at the age of 11-12 years, plus or minus.

18. Some female gorillas can produce offspring from the age of 8 years.

19. A sexually mature female should leave her native flock and find a new one, or be beaten to a lonely male, with whom she will live next to her.

20. Pregnancy in gorillas lasts almost as long as in humans - about 8.5 months.

21. Mountain gorillas have survived only in the Virunga Mountains, in high-latitude tropical forests in Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

22. Mountain gorillas can be found even in national parks of some African countries. They are on the verge of extinction, there are only about 600 of them left.

23. Mountain gorillas cannot live in captivity. Being captive, they go on a hunger strike and prefer starvation to imprisonment in a zoo.

24. The first three years of the life of the young gorillas, they are completely defenseless, and completely dependent on the mother who protects them.

25. These animals get most of the moisture they need from lush foliage, and therefore drink water quite rarely.

26. These animals usually live in groups of up to 30 individuals. At the head of the group is the strongest male, usually old and experienced. From time to time, young rivals dare to challenge him.

27. Newborn gorillas grow very quickly and are able to move independently at the age of 6 months.

28. By 18 months they can already follow their mother, taking short walks.

29. In case of danger, the females usually remain in the den and protect the cubs, and the males go out to meet a potential threat. Defending their flock, they always stand to death and do not retreat.

30. The weight of an adult male gorilla with a height of 2 meters can reach 200 kilograms, and his muscles are usually better developed than a professional athlete. Females are slightly smaller - a maximum of 1.5 meters in height and weigh up to 98 kilograms.

31. Gorillas lead a daily life, preferring to sleep at night. They never set sentries, but their sleep is so sensitive that they can not be afraid of a surprise attack.

32. The brain volume of an adult gorilla reaches 600 cubic centimeters.

33. Like a person, a gorilla has 10 fingers and 10 toes, as well as 32 teeth.

34. Like humans, gorillas have fingerprints, which are also unique.

35. The lack of salts in the body of a gorilla is compensated by eating clay. Not all in a row, of course, but a certain one.

36. These primates can learn the human sign language and use it to communicate with people. The famous gorilla scientist by the name of koko knew about a thousand gestures, she knew how to joke with people, understood humor and could communicate both on specific topics and on completely abstract ones.

37. Gorillas perceive eye-to-eye gaze as a challenge and attack. But they do not finish the defeated rivals, but only bite, chasing them away in disgrace.

38. At first, gorillas always try to intimidate the enemy by growling and hitting themselves in the chest.

39. And then they rush forward if the enemy flees and bite him, so some African tribes consider a gorilla bite to be a shameful wound. The reason is simple - if a hunter was bitten by a gorilla, it means he escaped from her, and, therefore, he was chickened.

40. Of all the monkeys, only gorillas and chimpanzees rely not on their palms when walking, but on clenched fists.

41. Gorillas have a characteristic body shape, and their belly is wider than their chest. This is due to the fact that they have a large digestive system, which is necessary for the digestion of a large amount of fibrous plant food.

42. The enemies of gorillas in the wild are leopards and crocodiles. But even dangerous predators like leopards avoid meeting with gorilla males, because the outcome of such a fight is very difficult to predict.

43. Gorillas live from 35 years to 50-55 years, and sometimes even more.

44. Almost a third of the day the gorillas spend on food, another third on the search for food and games, and the rest of the time they sleep or rest.

45. Despite the fact that they know how to swim, gorillas hate this activity. And in general, they do not like water, and try not to even get in the rain, hiding from it under the trees.

46. Although gorillas can walk on two legs, usually they still prefer to move on four legs

47. Human activity has brought these monkeys to the brink of extinction, depriving them of their habitual habitats and driving them from their homes. The main problem for these animals is deforestation and fragmentation of the habitat, poaching, civil war and constant anxiety, as well as diseases that are transmitted from humans.

48. Gorillas are officially banned in all countries, but in practice some African tribes still hunt them.

49. Eight African countries have enacted laws that protect gorillas.

50. Now gorillas live in national parks of some African countries, and many tourists come to look at them, but they need to be careful - these animals are sometimes unpredictable.

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