Interesting facts about Butterfly

Since time immemorial, butterflies have been associated with spring, beauty, and eternity a symbol of immortality, happiness, fidelity, love etc


Butterflies (Lepidoptera) – a detachment of insects with a complete transformation. Most species are characterized by a specialized sucking oral apparatus with a proboscis. The shape and wingspan are very diverse: from 2 mm to 28 cm. Currently, butterflies are one of the richest species of insect orders, in which there are more than 158,000 species. Butterflies are common on all continents except Antarctica. Read one hundred interesting facts from the life of butterflies …

Facts about Butterfly

1. Butterflies belong to one of the largest groups of insects - Lepidoptera. In addition to butterflies, this group also includes moths and moths.

2. Peru and one Indian state, Sikkim, are considered the richest in the variety of lepidopteran species.

3. Lepidoptera were not found only in Antarctica.

4. At present, about 165 thousand species of butterflies are isolated. Moreover, most of them prefer to lead a nocturnal lifestyle. Every year, entomologists discover their unknown species.

5. Butterflies are small and large, colorful and dull, day and night, but they are all beautiful.

6. The most enduring butterfly in the world - “Monarch”. It can cover a distance of a thousand kilometers without stopping.

7. Butterflies are ancient creatures. Their images are present on Egyptian frescoes in Thebes, which are supposedly more than 3.5 thousand years old.

8. In 1985, they discovered in England, on the Dorset coast, the oldest butterfly, the Archeolepis moth, estimated to be 180 million years old.

9. The usual habitat of butterflies is the tropics, but there are also arctic butterflies. They are inconspicuous in appearance, their wings are not bright, but whitish or almost transparent, as if glass.

10. Real polar explorers can be called butterflies that live on Queen Elizabeth Island - Canada - 750 kilometers from the North Pole.

11. The most common butterfly in Russia and Siberia is the Peacock eye. Due to its original pattern, it is difficult to confuse it with any other: the upper part of the wing has a cherry-brown color and a characteristic eye-like stain, while the bottom is completely black-brown.

12. Butterflies are twilight creatures. Only some representatives of this group of insects lead a daily life.

13. Butterflies take the second place after bees in pollination of the plant world.

14. These small creatures have excellent appetite, some butterflies are able to drink a solution of sugar, twice their own weight.

15. Butterflies - one of the most common objects for collecting among the most famous people in the world, such as: Nabokov, Rothschild, Bulgakov, Mavrodi.

16. Vladimir Nabokov became the discoverer of 20 species of butterflies. His collection totaled 4,324 copies of butterflies. Nabokov donated this collection to the Zoological Museum of the University of Lausanne.

17. An interesting gift was received by Kim Il Sung on his 80th birthday. His soldiers and officers presented the painting “Selfless soldier faith”, which was made of 4.5 million butterfly wings.

18. Butterflies try food while standing on it. This is because their taste sensors are in the legs.

19. Butterflies weigh about two rose petals.

20. Butterflies do not hear, but they can feel the vibration, which works better when it is necessary to hide from predators.

21. The moth brazhnik Dead head has an unusual organ of "speech", located in the throat. If the hawker is in danger, or he is in an excited state, then he can squeak.

22. Hazards, night moths, know how to howl in a wolf manner. This howling buzz mimics that of the queen bee, which allows the hawk to freely get into the bee hive and enjoy honey, which is a fair share of his diet.

23. In the Paleolithic era, the butterfly was one of the insects that represented the goddess Great Mother.

24. Butterfly cabbage - a frequent visitor to gardens. Cabbage butterfly is very prolific. If all the offspring of even one cabbage survived, so many of its descendants would have been born in a season that they would have weighed three times more than all the people on Earth combined.

25. The life cycle of these creatures consists of four phases: egg, caterpillar, pupa and imago (butterfly).

26. The largest nocturnal butterfly in the world - Attacus Altas. Its wingspan is more than 30 cm, therefore it is often mistaken for a bird.

27. In the tropical forests of the New and Old Worlds, there is a species of butterflies whose males feed on animal tears. But mostly butterflies feed on nectar and other plant secretions that contain sugar.

28. In the world there is not one species of these insects, which can rightfully be considered the rarest. One of them is Queen Alexandra's sailboat - the largest butterfly on the planet. It is possible to detect it only in the territory of Papua New Guinea and thanks to collectors, this species is on the verge of complete extinction.

29. Butterflies are shortsighted. Although the most complex organ in the structure of these amazing creatures is the eyes. They consist of 6 thousand tiny parts called lenses.

30. Butterflies can see red, green and yellow.

31. Yucca is a nocturnal butterfly living in the desert. This butterfly is the only one of the insects pollinating the Yucca cactus.

32. The Yucca Butterfly has the longest diapause. Adult yucca butterflies from Nevada formed from larvae only after 19 years, during all this time, scientists observed them in the laboratory.

33. In Stockholm, there are clinics that provide stress therapy with butterflies.

34. The most amazing thing about these creatures is that butterflies need solar heat in order to fly.

35. Most butterflies have pretty beautiful and varied patterns on the wings. These patterns are designed to disguise, therefore, that predators such as birds cannot understand where butterflies are hiding.

36. Females of butterflies usually live longer than males of butterflies.

37. Basically, most butterflies have a short life - only a few days. However, there are instances with a rather long life cycle: the Brixton butterfly is a long-liver, its cycle lasts up to 10 months.

38. Some butterflies communicate with each other through sound, but most female butterflies release pheromones into the air.

39. The imperial moth has the most acute sense of smell, whose males can smell the female at a distance of more than 11 km against the wind (!) Scientists have found that the smell emits a special substance - an attractant, which the female releases in very small amounts = 0.0001 mg.

40. Butterflies breathe through the complex structure of the tubes (the so-called trachea and tracheoles) and air sacs. Oxygen is drawn into the body through the holes in their abdomen - the spiracles.

41. The smallest butterfly in the world is the Blue Dwarf, whose wingspan is only 1.4 centimeters.

42. Some butterflies never eat because they have no mouth. They live on energy that they have accumulated in the form of caterpillars.

43. The Brazilian butterfly Calligot has developed a very original way of protection against numerous enemies - birds and insects. If she is in danger, she turns over and shows the inside of the wings to the enemy, when they see them, the birds instantly fly away, because the wings depict a portrait of the most terrible enemy - an owl with a sharp beak and huge eyes.

44. Butterflies lay their offspring in one place for many years in a row.

45. Buddhists respect butterflies, because it was to a butterfly that Buddha addressed his sermon.

46. Some species of butterflies, like the Red Admiral, prefer to eat rotting fruit and dung.

47. Insects and butterflies on the outside of the body have a skeleton called an exoskeleton. It protects the butterfly and prevents moisture from leaving the body so that the insect does not dry.

48. Most butterflies are afraid of water, but, for example, a lilac moth can calmly emerge if it accidentally falls into the water, shake itself off and fly on.

49. Monarch butterflies understand medicinal plants and are able to use them for medicinal purposes if their offspring need help.

50. In Japan, it is believed that meeting a butterfly at home is fortunate. At the Japanese wedding ceremony, two paper butterflies are obligatory participants, it is believed that they will bring happiness to the newlyweds.(Read Interesting facts about Caterpillar)

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