A Boy with rare Snake skin lives in India

The young boy from Orissa, known as Jagannath, suffers from lamellar ichthyosis a rare disease which causes the skin to grow too faster, dry out, & shed. Jagannath’s condition is so intense that his skin grows & sheds anew every 4 to 6 weeks. He is forced to bathe continously every 1 hour & smear himself with moisturiser every 3 hours and try to relieve himself from the pains.

A boy from the Indian state of Orissa has a rare skin disease - lamellar ichthyosis

10-year-old Jagannath has to take a bath every hour and lubricate the skin with a moisturizer every three hours to relieve painful symptoms, writes the Daily Mail.

The skin of a child is not very similar to human, but rather to snake. It has dried, peeling and resembles scales. Moreover, the skin peels off the boy every six weeks.

It is difficult for a child to straighten his legs while walking. He moves with difficulty, leaning on a stick.

Doctors say lamellar ichthyosis cannot be cured, but there are drugs that can help prevent complications.

However, the boy’s father works in a rice plantation, the family is not rich and Jagannath’s parents have no money for treatment

Jagannath’s Family

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