10 tips to maintain a healthy life

A healthy life can be achieved with simple habits, small changes in the routines of our families that lead to improve the habits we have. Therefore, we present 10 healthy tips and very easy to incorporate so that, together with the good food and the necessary medical controls, your family can live better.

  1. 1Start the day with a full breakfast.

    Breakfast really is very important. It is the first meal of the day, our fuel to start with daily tasks, both in childhood and in adulthood. A complete and balanced breakfast contributes to the intake of calcium, vitamins and minerals recommended. But what should it include? Bread or cereals, preferably wholemeal (they are a source of carbohydrates that provide energy); dairy products, such as milk, yogurt and cheese (provide protein, calcium and vitamins); fruits or fruit juice (they are a good source of fiber); Nuts, seeds and nuts (they are a source of Omega 3, proteins and fibers).

  2. 2Opt for meals prepared at home.

    Homemade food not only has that special taste of what is prepared with love at home. It also has the plus of knowing exactly what we are eating, what ingredients we use to prepare them, how much salt we add. Homemade food also has the plus of encouraging cooking with children, showing by example the importance of healthy eating and not consuming junk food.

  3. 3Every day add fruits and vegetables to meals.

    Fruits and vegetables are fresh and natural foods. Its daily consumption helps to have a healthy diet, a healthy body and an adequate weight. They are very important for the daily hydration of the body and also: they provide fiber, provide satiety and prevent diseases. They are the best and most varied source of vitamins and minerals that we can consume, do not require any preparation and we can take them with us, add them in the school food and avoid few healthy snacks.

  4. 4Reduce the consumption of foods high in sugar.

    The World Health Organization recommends that the consumption of sugar in children should not exceed 10% of the total caloric intake of the day. However, many boys and girls eat sugary foods every day. A diet high in sugar during childhood can lead to tooth problems, obesity, early diabetes or high cholesterol. Reducing sugar consumption, knowing food ingredients and avoiding sugary drinks is essential for healthy nutrition during childhood.

  5. 5That safe water is the first choice as a drink.

    Water is the main nutrient of the organism. Without water we cannot live. It is so important that there is no other drink that is better for humans than safe water. And although water is important in all ages, during childhood the human body needs even more water. Children have more difficulty than adults to regulate and maintain their body temperature, so they are at greater risk of dehydration, they are not able to detect when they are thirsty, they are more active so they need more water. And, above all, water in childhood is essential for its growth. Offering them water instead of drinks that are not healthy and do not quench thirst is the responsibility of adults.

  6. 6Remove all visible fat when eating meat.

    A healthy diet should not contain excessive amounts of fat. Fat is not a food and is not recommended for any person, both during childhood and in adulthood. One way to eliminate saturated fats, bad for health and for the heart, is to eliminate all visible fat from red and white meats. For this, it is important: choose to buy lean meats, degrease the meat before cooking, degrease the poultry broths, cold meat and bones, and remove the rest of the fat that is left in the already roasted or cooked meat. It is also advisable to avoid cold cuts and sausages, choose skim products.

  7. 7Use oil as a condiment.

    Heating oil changes its characteristics. Some oils that are healthy at room temperature can become harmful when heated above certain temperatures. Therefore, it is recommended to choose to use the oil as a condiment in meals and not as a classic cooking method. If using, limit the amount and frequency of fried foods and use new oil when doing so.

  8. 8Limit the addition of salt to the preparations.

    Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in the world. Arterial hypertension (hypertension) is one of the main risk factors for cardiovascular disease and one of the most important for coronary heart disease, heart failure, kidney disease, among others. One of the best ways to prevent this disease is to reduce salt intake. And in Argentina more than twice the recommended salt is consumed in a healthy diet. To reduce the consumption of salt it is necessary: stop adding salt to the preparations, opt for homemade food and limit the consumption of industrialized foods, perform physical activity. The reduction of salt consumption in the family is beneficial for everyone, also for boys and girls.

  9. 9Physical Activity

    Being on the move is always healthy. Moderate physical activity helps maintain a healthy weight, it is good for the heart, for the circulatory system, for general health and well-being. Moving more does not necessarily mean doing a sport or going to the gym. Getting around is being outdoors, playing, running, doing household activities, walking instead of getting in the car, going up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. To move is to do all the things that involve putting our body in motion.

  10. 10Spend less time in front of TV screens, Laptops, Mobile Phones

    The amount of time that children and adolescents spend per day in front of cell phones, tablets, televisions, computers, exceeds the time recommended by pediatricians. Excessive use of electronic devices is associated with health risks, such as depression and anxiety, cervical contractures, insomnia, lack of physical activity. Spending less time in front of the screen and more time playing is always a good choice. Proposing different options to boys and girls such as going to the square, riding a bike, visiting friends, is a good idea to start reducing screen time.

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