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Garlic: Health Benefits

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In many cultures of the world, garlic is a talisman from the evil eye and evil spirits. Our ancestors believed that this vegetable protects a person from diseases and improves the functioning of internal organs, therefore, they used it in traditional medicine, in cooking, and also as a cosmetic product. The beneficial properties of garlic are highly regarded today. Due to the fact that the vegetable has healing properties, it is used in the manufacture of medicines for humans. Garlic is also used for eating raw and ready-made. But, despite this, doctors can not agree: garlic is useful or harmful to the human body. There are contraindications to the use of this vegetable, as well as allergic reactions to this product. Garlic should be taken with caution in pregnant women and people with digestive system diseases.

Garlic: benefits for the human body

Garlic is a useful product, which includes vitamins, micro and macro elements, volatile, bioflavonoids, organic acids, protein, fiber and other compounds that are indispensable for the life of the human body.

The beneficial substances contained in garlic are presented in the following table:

0.08 mg
0.08 mg
23.2 mg
0.6 mg
0.6 mg
3 mg
10 mg
1.7 mg
2.8 mg
180 mg
30 mg
17 mg
100 mg
30 mg
9 mcg
9 mcg
130 mcg
14.2 mcg
Other substancesProtein
6.5 g
5.2 g

Health benefits of garlic due to the rich composition 
and the presence of a mass of nutrients in this product.
If you use garlic every day, the risk of developing
malignant neoplasms, hypertension, coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis is reduced. Regular use of the vegetable is able to combat dysbiosis, infectious diseases, helminthic infestations, fungal infections of the mucous membranes, skin and nails. The benefits of garlic for the body also include enhancing immunity and defenses. However, contrary to a common misconception, garlic does not kill the flu virus and bacteria. Moreover, in seriously ill patients with bronchitis or pneumonia, a vegetable can cause a coughing fit and bronchial obstruction

Garlic Harmful Effects

Alas, eating garlic every day is not always beneficial. In large quantities, this product can cause poisoning. The first symptoms of intoxication are headache and slow reactions. The harmful properties of garlic are due to the content of sulfanil-hydroxyl ion in its composition. A lot of garlic is harmful because a large amount of this compound enters the body when using the product. Sulfanyl-hydroxyl ion affects the nerve cells of the brain, and also causes excessive irritation of the walls of the stomach and intestines.

What is harmful garlic , in addition to the content of sulfanyl hydroxyl ion?

  • Enhances the appetite. Oddly enough, but such a side effect of this product is undesirable for people who follow a diet or struggle with overweight;
  • Increases the production of digestive enzymes. For this reason, it is not recommended to use garlic for consumption in patients with gastritis and peptic ulcer;
  • It dilutes blood and leads to hematomas and bleeding;
  • Due to the presence of sulfur compounds in the composition, the product is an excellent breeding ground for the most dangerous infectious disease - botulism;
  • Anyone who eats a lot of garlic can have bad breath.

Garlic can be eaten without harm, but only in a strictly defined quantity. Therefore, it is recommended that you observe the amount of this product in your daily diet.

Garlic: health hazards and contraindications

The harm of garlic to the body is due to its irritating effect and the content of potentially dangerous toxic substances in the composition. Eating every day this vegetable is not recommended for people:

  • with gastritis and peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum;
  • with pancreatitis;
  • with anemia (anemia);
  • with diseases of the urinary system;
  • with hemorrhoids.

Also, you should not use garlic to people allergic to this product. But pregnant women and children can eat vegetables, but in limited quantities. How harmful is garlic to the body of such people? During pregnancy and in childhood, excessive use of the product can lead to intoxication with sulfanyl-hydroxyl compounds. These substances affect the nervous system, so their increase in blood when using garlic is potentially dangerous and can negatively affect the condition of the developing organism.

How to use garlic without harm to health? First of all, it is necessary to determine whether there is an allergy to this product and whether the vegetable is harmful to humans. Observe the amount of garlic in the diet and choose safe cooking methods (such as baking or stewing). You can also consult a doctor and find out if garlic is harmful to health in the presence of certain diseases.

The benefits and harms of garlic for men

What is garlic good for men? This question is of interest to most of the stronger sex, because there is an opinion that this product is a powerful aphrodisiac and increases male strength. Indeed, the benefits of garlic for a man’s body are manifested by just such an effect. Numerous studies have shown that the vegetable is not only useful for potency, but also reduces the risk of developing cancer of the prostate gland and the reproductive system as a whole. For men, the use of garlic is also useful in that it prevents infectious diseases that can lead to infertility.

It should be remembered that garlic is useful for men only with the correct and normalized use of the product. If fresh garlic is consumed in small quantities daily, sperm composition improves, sperm motility increases, blood circulation in the pelvic organs improves, and the development of atherosclerosis is also prevented. But with excessive intake of garlic in food, intestinal disturbances, headaches, decreased performance, general lethargy, weakness and even drowsiness will be observed.

The benefits and harms of garlic for women

Garlic is useful not only for men but also for women. The benefits of garlic for a woman’s body are determined by the content of sulfur compounds in this vegetable, which favorably affect the metabolism in the cartilage and bone tissues. For this reason, garlic is recommended for women with joint diseases (for example, with arthritis, coxarthritis, osteochondrosis). The product also prevents the development of tumors of the genitourinary system, improving blood circulation in the pelvic organs and reducing the number of free radicals in the cells. What else is garlic good for women? Regular use of the vegetable normalizes the functioning of the nervous system, improves the condition of the skin, hair and nails, prevents acne and alopecia.

The harm of garlic to the woman’s body is extremely small. With moderate use of this product, it will only bring benefits. However, during pregnancy, doctors recommend reducing the amount of vegetable in food. This is due to the fact that during the bearing of a child, the mother’s body is more vulnerable to dangerous substances in garlic - sulfanyl-hydroxyl compounds. Therefore, during pregnancy, it is better to consult with a gynecologist about the possibility of eating garlic and dishes with this vegetable.

The benefits of garlic for children

Many parents are interested in whether garlic is good for children and whether garlic can be given to a child. The benefits and harms to children of this product are still disputed. Some doctors believe that the vegetable is safe for babies, while others do not advise giving garlic up to 3 years. Therefore, each parent must individually decide whether to introduce this vegetable into the diet of his child or not.

The following table provides information on the benefits and harms of garlic for children:

- increases appetite
- improves bowel function -
relieves spasms and improves gas discharge from the intestines
- prevents dysbiosis -
prevents helminth infestations
- can cause allergies
- can provoke heartburn, especially if you give the product to the baby shortly before bedtime

Garlic should not be given to overweight children, inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and epilepsy.

How to cook garlic?

In order for garlic to maximize its benefits and not cause heartburn and other digestive upsets, you need to know how to properly cook and eat this product.

Roasted Garlic: Benefit or Harmful?

Unlike other fried foods, fried garlic is not only safe, but also good for the body. During heat treatment, the vegetable increases its beneficial properties. Fried garlic improves metabolism, boosts immunity, and reduces the amount of free radicals in cells. In addition, when frying, garlic loses its specific smell and, unlike a raw product, does not cause digestive disorders.

Baked garlic: benefits and harmful

Roasting garlic in the oven is considered the most useful form of cooking this product. Baked garlic is useful in that it enhances immunity, improves the functioning of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, and prevents infectious diseases of various origins. Baked vegetables in the oven contain the optimal amount of protein and fat, do not cause heartburn and excessive intestinal activity. In this form, this product is recommended to be used in compliance with the diet, and also given to children with meat, fish and vegetable side dishes.

What is pickled garlic good for?

Pickled garlicPickled garlic is not only a great addition to any meat and fish dishes, but also a source of minerals and vitamins. In this form, the vegetable is recommended for use in diseases of the heart and blood vessels, atherosclerosis and reduced immunity. The beneficial properties of pickled garlic allow it to be used for weight loss and as an antioxidant, aimed at combating free radicals and other harmful metabolic products.

Boiled garlic: benefits and effects

Many do not like the taste of cooked garlic, so they do not eat vegetables in this form as food. And in vain. Boiled garlic is good for both adults and children. When cooking, the product increases the amount of substances that prevent the formation of blood clots and clogging of blood vessels. Boiled garlic also lowers blood pressure, improves the cellular composition of the blood and the liver. In children, boiled vegetable helps colonize the intestines with beneficial bacteria, thus preventing dysbiosis.

Sprouted Garlic: Benefit or Harmful?

Germinated garlic and arrows of garlic are beneficial for the body, due to the increased content of antioxidant and enzymatic substances. Such a vegetable is used to prevent strokes, vascular thrombosis, atherosclerosis, and even cancer. Garlic sprouts are recommended to be used fresh, because when cooked, the product loses most of its beneficial properties.

What is the use of garlic for the heart and blood vessels?

What is the use of garlic for the heart and blood vessels?Is garlic good for the heart? This question is often addressed to doctors by patients with diseases of the cardiovascular system. As shown by numerous studies, the vegetable contains substances that stabilize the walls of blood vessels, improve their elasticity and blood supply. In addition, garlic is also beneficial for blood vessels in that it prevents the formation of blood clots and normalizes the rheological properties of blood. Regular use of this product is an excellent prevention of strokes, coronary heart disease and hypertension.

The benefits of garlic for the heart are to improve the blood circulation of this organ, as well as normalize heart rate. However, in diseases such as myocardial infarction, atrial fibrillation and heart failure, use the vegetable carefully. It is best to first consult with your doctor and coordinate with him the features of the diet.

Garlic: benefits for the digestive tract

Garlic is one of the few products that can both positively affect the functioning of the digestive system and cause harm. Therefore, it is important to know about the benefits and dangers of this product for the gastrointestinal tract.

Garlic and pancreas: benefit or harmful?

In healthy people, garlic improves the pancreas, increases the production of enzymes and their activation in the lumen of the small intestine. However, with pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas), the product can worsen the patient's condition and lead to the development of complications. Therefore, with diseases of this organ, the use of garlic should be limited.

What is the use of garlic for the liver?

The benefits of garlic for the liver are the same as for the pancreas. If a person does not have hepatitis, fatty liver or cirrhosis, the use of garlic improves the functioning of the organ, protects cells from harmful factors (including alcohol), increases the outflow of bile and prevents infectious diseases. In the presence of liver pathology, the use of garlic can lead to cytolysis - cell destruction and complications.

Garlic for kidneys: harmful or not?

For diseases of the genitourinary system, garlic is useful because it activates the immune system and helps eliminate inflammation. However, with excessive use of this vegetable, the benefits of garlic for the kidneys are rapidly reduced. The product causes irritation of the renal pelvis system, as a result of which urine filtration worsens and even an increase in blood pressure and the development of edema are possible. For these reasons, garlic should be consumed with extreme caution.

Remember! Garlic is a healthy product. However, the amount of this item in the diet should be limited, especially in the presence of various diseases of organs and systems. If a person has any kind of pathology, it is better to consult a doctor about the use of garlic and its amount in a daily diet. Eat garlic properly and be healthy!

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