Facts about Snails

There are a huge number of snail species in the world, and these creatures have developed amazing life mechanisms read further to know more


Snails are not only garden pests, as many mistakenly believe. For some, these creatures are their favorite pets, for some, they are an object of intensestudying. There are a huge number of snail species in the world, and these creatures have developed amazing life mechanisms during evolutionary processes.

26 interesting facts about snails

  1. Snails appeared on Earth about 600 million years ago. This allows us to consider them one of the most ancient inhabitants of our planet, along with jellyfish
  2. Snails - one of the most convincing evidence of Darwin's theory of evolution, they can adapt to almost any habitat.
  3. These mollusks can completely pull themselves into the shell to a special muscle covering the entire body of the cochlea.
  4. Snails are far from other creatures. They are able to think and make decisions based on their life experience.
  5. Snails are able to crawl on the blade or the knife without getting hurt - during the movement, the sole of their legs rests on a kind of “pillow” of mucus that protects the body of the mollusk and helps it move.
  6. If the environmental conditions become unfavorable, the snails can spend up to six months in hibernation, garden snails tolerate temperatures up to -120 degrees.
  7. The average life span of snails is 15 years. This is comparable to the life expectancy of, for example, the Amur tiger 
  8. Most snails are hermaphrodites, that is, females and males at the same time. They do not need a partner for procreation.
  9. About 85 eggs are laid at one time, of which young hatch after a month.
  10.  The shells of almost all snails are twisted clockwise. The strength of this "home" depends on the amount of calcium in the diet of the mollusk.
  11. Snails do not chew, but grind food with the help of 25 thousand teeth. Yes, they have more teeth than any shark 
  12. These creatures are able not only to drink, but also to absorb moisture on the surface of their bodies.
  13. The vision of snails is so poor that they can only distinguish day from night.
  14. Snails are completely deaf and unable to produce any sounds. But they have organs of balance and chemical feeling.
  15. The horns of snails are the nose turned inside out (all the receptors that are located in humans are inside the snails).
  16. Snails communicate with each other by touch.
  17. Snails are able to carry objects 10 times heavier than themselves.
  18. The largest snail in the world is the Australian sea snail. The weight of these mollusks reaches 15-18 kilograms, and the length of the shell is 60 centimeters.
  19. The color of the shell of all snails is different, since it depends on the composition of the food of the mollusk and the color of the soil in the place where it lives.
  20. Snails have fully earned their reputation as the slowest creatures on Earth - on average they overcome 7 centimeters per minute. For comparison, the sloth moves at a speed of about two meters per minute 
  21. Doctors conduct experiments on the use of snails as donors of nerve tissue for a brain affected by a disease - in particular, we are talking about epilepsy. Experiments on rats are successful.
  22. Snail racing is very popular in the UK - mollusks slowly crawl from start to finish along the trail of lettuce leaves 
  23. Salt and sugar for snails are equivalent to poison.
  24. The nervous system of snails consists of 20 thousand neurons (the human brain, for comparison, contains several hundred billion neurons).
  25. The snail became the first "cyborg" that scientists managed to create - its neurons were successfully mounted on a silicon chip.
  26. It is not in vain that snail meat is considered a delicacy in many countries - it tastes good, and in terms of protein content it surpasses a chicken egg.

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