Interesting facts about lions

Lions are real super predators. They are one of the largest cats on our planet. This magnificent “king of beasts” has always been the subject of legends and myths. But in this article, we will not talk about myths, but also about what they can and what abilities endowed with lions.

Interesting facts about lions.

  1. debates about who is larger - a lion or a tiger - are still ongoing. The prevailing point of view is that tigers are still larger, and it is confirmed by a number of scientists 
  2. A liger, a hybrid of a lion and a tigress, is always larger than its parents. Its mass can reach half a ton, and the body length can exceed three and a half meters.
  3. Among all representatives of the cat family, the lions are the highest.
  4. An adult lion can easily weigh up to a quarter ton. Lionesses weigh about half as much.
  5. The length of the hair in the lion's mane can reach up to forty centimeters.
  6. Lions can mate with many other big cats - tigers, leopards and jaguars
  7. Scientific studies have proven that the darker a lion’s mane is, the greater its reproductive ability. 
  8. Now the extinct cave lions did not have a mane at all, or possessed. The cave lion lived on the territory of Siberia and was the largest representative of the cat family that has ever walked the planet.
  9. About twenty hours a day, lions prefer to simply spend in the shade and relax.
  10. There are single lions in nature, but more often lions live in prides consisting of one or more males and a group of females.
  11. The heart of a lion is about half a percent of body weight, which is the lowest ratio among all predators.
  12. In some cases, lions can even attack elephants 
  13. On average, only one out of five lion cubs survive to the age of two.
  14. Protecting their territory, lions fight among themselves not for life, but for death.
  15. The claws of an adult lion can reach seven centimeters in length.
  16. When meeting with cheetahs, lions always attack them, and the only way for a spotted predator is to run away 
  17. Lion cubs learn to growl around the age of two.
  18. Newborn lion cubs weigh an average of one to two kilograms.
  19. In the lion pride, lionesses usually hunt, and the lion, meanwhile, is resting, and the lionesses bring the prey to the prey. If the lion himself goes hunting, he will most likely eat the prey himself on the spot.
  20. A lion can eat up to thirty kilograms of meat at a time.
  21. In captivity, the average lion life span reaches 30 years, and in the wild only 15.
  22. In ancient times, lions were a symbol of wealth and power.
  23. To eat, a lioness needs 5 kg of meat per day, and a lion 7 kg. Although, if possible, animals eat up to 30 kg of meat at a time.
  24. A lion can reach speeds of up to 60 km / h, but it can run at that speed for only 90 meters.
  25. The female changes the location of the den several times a month in order to avoid the accumulation of smell, which can attract unwanted guests.

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