Facts about ants | 23 Interesting fun facts

These amazing creatures created their own civilization with a strict hierarchy, Read read further to know more about ants


For many people, ants are considered the embodiment of industriousness. These amazing creatures created their own civilization with a strict hierarchy, separation of duties and huge underground cities penetrated by branched underground passages. In addition, ants are surprisingly good at adapting, being able to survive in almost any environment.

Interesting facts about ants

  1. Ants descended from creatures similar to wasps, about 110-130 million years ago. They lived side by side with dinosaurs, but did not die out, unlike these giants.
  2. Ant colonies can include from a dozen to several million individuals.
  3. There are 12,000 different species. The smallest of them is only 0.07 centimeters long, and the largest ones reach 5 centimeters.
  4. Many consider termites to be ants, although they are not even relatives. The closest relatives of termites are cockroaches 
  5. Scientists estimate that about 10 quadrillion ants live on the planet at any given time. For each person, about a million of these insects.
  6. Working ants live up to 3 years, while the ant queen can reign up to 30 years.
  7. These insects can capture representatives of other species of ants, forcing them to work for the benefit of their colony.
  8. The world's largest supercolony of ants consists of more than a billion and covers over 5954 square kilometers.
  9. The bite of ants of the species Paraponera clavata is terribly painful, and the pain can last a whole day. These insects are often called "bullet ants," because after their attack it seems like someone shot at you.
  10. Scientists believe that ants are able to carry objects 5,000 times heavier than themselves. In comparison, snails can only carry ten times the weight of their own weight 
  11. Ants are capable of speeds up to 7.62 centimeters per second. For humans, a comparable speed is almost 55 kilometers per hour.
  12. Ants are the smartest insects. Their brain, despite its modest size, consists of 250 thousand cells.
  13. Ants hear with their feet and knees - they pick up ground vibrations.
  14. Badgers willingly regale themselves with ants. Poking their tongue into the anthill, they wait until simply swallow the prey
  15. Each ant colony has its own smell.
  16. The ant queen is exclusively dedicated to laying eggs. Caring for them is the duty of the worker ants.
  17. Some ants do not build anthills, but lead a nomadic lifestyle. When it comes time to move on, they collect their larvae, food supply, eggs and queen, and then hit the road.
  18. The bite of a black bulldog ant can be fatal to humans. Fortunately, an antidote has been created for this case.
  19. Ants are capable of interactive learning  
  20. Some species of ants are able to use the Earth's magnetic field as a guide, like some sharks 
  21. Ants are able to form “living bridges” from their bodies to cross water or plant barriers.
  22. The Mexican dish Escamoles includes eggs from several species of ants.
  23. Ants have learned to cultivate living organisms to meet their needs.

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