10 things you didn’t know about businessman Dan Lok

I have been in this Internet world business for 20 years. I have seen a lot of experts and gurus who claim to be the last Coca Cola in the desert.

One of the things that I realized in the game of e-commerce is that you have to do a great research on these gurus.

In recent years I have seen how Dan Lok’s name has been appearing more and more on the internet, in magazines and even on YouTube.

I think what Dan Lok does and says is genuine but hey, you always have to be cautious about these issues.

However he claims to have a proven method that governs the way he gets involved with business and works quite well for him.

There are obvious principles and patterns that are universal in the area of success, regardless of the area in which you seek to achieve. Dan Lok has learned and harnessed those principles and patterns.

There’s a good chance you don’t know so much about Dan Lok , so I’m going to share 10 things about this millionaire businessman that should help you get more familiar with who he is.

  1. 10The only thing he regrets is his moments of despair

  2. 9unrealistic expectations

  3. 8He believed in the power of mentoring

  4. 7He failed 13 times before experiencing his first success

  5. 6His mother and father divorced

  6. 5He moved from China to Canada when he was 14

  7. 4He has a history of Rags to Riches (beggar to millionaire)

  8. 3A top global consultant

  9. 2He has mastered the consistent sale of high-cost items

  10. 1He is a successful public speaker

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