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The good old blueberries that we used to eat in pies, jelly and jams are incredibly tasty and healthy on their own, fresh. It is vital for the human body to obtain vitamins K, E, C and group B, fibers, flavonoids (plant polyphenols), silicon, potassium and manganese – all of which are found in significant quantities in small blue-black berries. A characteristic dusty blue hue, by the way, gives the berry a waxy coating: washed ripe blueberries are fully consistent with their name, inside it is purple. Blueberries have useful properties and contraindications, like any substance that we consume in food. We will tell you about this today in detail: it is useful or harmful to eat blueberries, different types of berries, the effect on men, women and children, contraindications.

Actively used blueberries in medicine for eye diseases, scurvy and indigestion. Another promising area is gerontology, that is, the science of changes in the body as a result of aging, the search for effective methods of rejuvenation. In the diet of diabetics, with stomatitis, gingivitis, skin burns and ulcers, blueberry components show their best side. In particular, neomyrtillin glycoside significantly reduces blood sugar.

When explaining blueberries in the context of health benefits and harms, read throughly till the end: a moderate amount of berries for the body is certainly useful, abuse is fraught with constipation. This effect is used to correct the health of a person suffering from diarrhea: a fixing broth, jelly or soup is prepared from blueberries. Garden and wild blueberries are equally beneficial when grown in an ecologically clean region. At the same time, a more pleasant, sweet taste is noted in the fruits of the cultivated plant, and in the wild-growing one – tart flavoring shades.

The exceptional benefits of blueberries

The positive effect of blueberries has been confirmed in the laboratory the prevention and treatment of retinal detachment (however, large-scale clinical tests have not been conducted). 

Why is blueberry good for the eyes? Scientists say blueberry extract improves retinal blood flow. Also, history has preserved information about the diet of pilots of the British Air Force during the Second World War: they regularly ate blueberry jam to enhance twilight vision. Based on this, we conclude that blueberries are useful for the organs of vision.

What is useful in blueberries ? The natural dye anthocyanin contained in the berries are taken in clinical experiments and showed a reduction in the risk of diseases of the circulatory system and heart, problems from the field of ophthalmology and oncology. Blueberry proanthocyanides, tannins and flavonoids are excellent natural antioxidants with anti-inflammatory effects.

  • blueberry pectin normalizes peristalsis and improves metabolism;
  • the substance preserves the bacteriological balance, and a healthy microflora is very important for a person.

However, the most vital health benefits of blueberries are vitamins, macro- and microelements in the composition. See their list and action in the table.

Useful materialPercentage of daily intake in 100 gramsEffect on the body
vitamin k16%takes in the synthesis of protein structures in the heart and lungs, helps to absorb calcium, is necessary for the health of the kidneys, bones and connective tissue
vitamin C11.2%prevention and treatment of scurvy, stimulator of the launch of many immune processes, protection against infections, restoration of gums, teeth, bones, as well as ascorbic acid promotes the absorption of iron
vitamin e9.3%as an antioxidant, it protects the body from toxins, for example, lactic acid, and also slows down the process of cell aging, enhances tissue regeneration, protects against ultraviolet radiation, helps lower blood sugar, therefore blueberries are very favorable for the human body with a diagnosis of diabetes; the use of tocopherol for blood vessels - the permeability and tone of capillaries are improved
biotin4.7%B7 is famous for its normalizing effect on the nervous system, regulates fat and protein metabolism, provides healthy skin and hair, heals bone marrow and sweat glands, and relieves muscle pain; insulin-like activity of biotin suggests that it is useful to eat blueberries with type 2 diabetes
pyridoxine (B6)2.6%prevention of nervous and skin disorders, reduces nausea in motion sickness, relieves cramps, numbness of hands, has a mild diuretic effect
pantothenic (B5)2.5%treats heart diseases, colitis, arthritis, allergies, ensures the normal functioning of the brain, slows down aging, restores most body systems after surgery
PP (B3)2%nicotinic acid enhances microcirculation and dilates small vessels, reduces "bad" cholesterol, promotes protein absorption, is involved in ensuring the health of the visual system, so blueberries are good for the eyes
silicon73.5%formation of bone, cartilage and connective tissue, vascular strength, increased body resistance, prolonged youth, better absorption of other minerals
calcium1.6%metabolic acceleration, regulation of hormones (including insulin), acidosis prevention, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effect, growth process stimulation
magnesium1.5%the conversion of blood sugar into energy, the health of teeth, muscles and nerves, relief from indigestion, the normal activity of the endocrine system
potassium2%component of intracellular fluids, regulates water balance, normalizes heart rate, transmits nerve impulses, supplies the brain with oxygen, reduces skeletal muscles, reduces swelling
manganese17%regulates blood glucose, participates in the synthesis of cholesterol, as well as in cell division
iodine7.3%oxidative processes in the body, normal brain activity, stress resistance and a decrease in irritability, neutralization of fat deposits, energy, nail health
copper5.7%the body needs copper to turn iron into hemoglobin, participates in the processes of growth and reproduction, as well as in the formation of endorphins, elastin, collagen, increases appetite, enhances pigmentation of hair and skin, and prevents anemia

We will talk about which berry is more useful.

Frozen Blueberries Benefit

The blueberry season falls on summer and autumn (from July to September),  Blueberry ice cream is still rich in tannic astringents, high in malic, citric succinic, quinic and other organic acids, as well as freshly picked. Tannins - a guarantee of protection of the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines from irritation, inflammation and pain, in addition, peristalsis is reduced. The best protective membrane on the mucous membranes is created by eating jelly from fresh or frozen berries. Blueberry juice is a delicious concentrate of nutrients, compote affects the body more gently.

Thanks to organic acids, a healthy microflora matures in the intestine, and an antiseptic effect in the digestive tract is ensured. Pectins absorb toxic compounds and gently remove them from the body. According to the vitamin and mineral composition, it can be said that frozen blueberries qualitatively regulate water-salt and carbohydrate metabolism, relieve spasm, have a general strengthening effect and a natural diuretic effect. Tissues of various organs and systems are effectively saturated with nutrients, and therefore work better.

When asked if frozen blueberries are healthy, we answer in the affirmative. What about potential and very real harm? Contraindications for eating blueberries are as follows:

  • allergic to product components;
  • increased acidity of gastric juice;
  • chronic constipation;
  • pancreatitis
  • urolithiasis disease.

The beneficial properties of frozen blueberries can only be assessed if they were harvested in a clean place with good ecology. Wild berries are able to accumulate radionuclides. Ignorance of two rules can lead to indigestion:

  • Do not eat more than half a kilogram of goodies per day;
  • do not combine blueberries in the diet with other berries, especially strawberries, raspberries and strawberries.

Dried blueberries

What is the use of dried blueberries? This is a compressed concentrate of almost all the nutrients found in raw berries. To get 100 g of dried blueberries, a little more than a kilogram of fresh berries is processed. As a medicine, dried blueberries are sold even in pharmacies. It is most often purchased as a natural source of iron, which, together with ascorbic acid in the composition, is absorbed in the best way. And, of course, in pharmacies you can get the famous blueberry extract, which favorably affects the organs of vision affected by pathologies (for example, with dystrophy, degeneration, retinal detachment, and diabetic cataract).

Useful blueberry jam is a delicious way to prevent seasonal colds. Nevertheless, such a delicacy is not suitable for everyone because of the high sugar content. Both syrup and blueberry jam are less useful than fresh berries: the fruits have a lot of carbohydrates (sucrose, glucose, fructose, pectin) plus granulated sugar is added. Below you will find a comparison of the energy value of ordinary and dried blueberries, as well as jam from these berries.

The energy value of blueberries (per 100 g of product):

The nutritional valueFresh blueberriesDriedBlueberry jam
Calories, kcal44251217
Proteins, g / 100 g1,16.30.59
Fats, g / 100 g0.43.40.23
Carbohydrates, g / 100 g7.643.353.65

The benefits and harms of blueberries for women

Want to know why blueberries are good for women? it really helps in a special way to have a fair sex:

  • cleans toxins from the intestines, contributing to well-being and attractive appearance;
  • antioxidants in the composition prevent cancer, improve memory, slow down aging and help maintain normal weight;
  • berry phytoncides fight staphylococcus, typhoid fever and diphtheria pathogen;
  • the work of the reproductive female system is being established, the menstrual cycle is being tuned;
  • in cosmetology, ripe blueberries rejuvenate the skin, restores its smoothness and even tone.

For the health of women, useful properties and contraindications are important. contraindications include periods of gestation and lactation. When pregnant, eat blueberries  if you are concerned about constipation and other bowel problems. If you have a gentle stomach, organic acids can irritate it a little.

To minimize the allergenic potential of the fruit, it is recommended for pregnant women to start using blueberries with two to three berries and carefully monitor the body's reaction. The same approach, however, will be useful for the body of any woman. With moderate amounts, the health benefits of blueberries are undeniable and do not contradict the above facts.

Blueberries benefit for men

The main beneficial properties and contraindications for men: increased sexual activity, improved sperm quality, prevention of cardiovascular problems and diseases of the prostate gland. Be skeptical of bilberries with poor blood coagulation, a tendency to constipation, and increased acidity of the stomach. Allergy sufferers should also be careful. In general, for a man’s body, blueberry fruits and leaves are very useful for strengthening immunity and as a natural vitamin-mineral complex.

Blueberries for children benefit

Pediatricians advise blueberries to boost children's immunity during the period of acute respiratory viral infections, influenza, tonsillitis. Calcium promotes healthy skeletal and muscle growth. It is allowed to try the first berry complementary foods as early as 7 months. Make the baby blueberry puree from half a handful of berries.

To normalize stool and cope with diarrhea, you can also give your child blueberries, just be sure to consult a doctor so as not to miss the symptoms of a more serious disease. And eating blueberries at night helps to quickly fall asleep and normalize sleep.

Blueberry leaves useful properties

Please note: if you want to be treated with blueberry components, the benefits and harms of blueberry leaves are the most important information for you. 

  • inulin;
  • flavonoids;
  • anthocyanins;
  • glycosides;
  • phenolic compounds;
  • ursolic and oleic acids;
  • myrtin (alkaloid);
  • β-amyrin.

Blueberry leaf tea has a mild sedative effect. Raw materials for tea should be collected and dried in late spring, it is during this period that all useful properties are preserved. There should not be berries on the bushes yet, then the blueberry shoots are still young and tender, suitable for brewing. The collected grass is dried outside without direct sunlight, if in the dryer - the temperature is set to not more than 40 ° C. Dried blueberry leaves remain bright green, darkening and moldy elements are considered contraindications to brewing, as well as if insects are found in the composition.

Blueberry Harm

Consider in more detail the harm of blueberries to the body. Blueberries are harmful to allergy sufferers, as well as people with poor blood coagulability, high acidity, urolithiasis, and pancreatic diseases. It is unhealthy to eat too many berries: both constipation and unpleasant symptoms of indigestion can occur. It is undesirable to take blueberry berries in food during pregnancy and during lactation.

Depending on the storage conditions, it can also be concluded whether blueberries are harmful. For the health of the body, it is useful to eat only those berries that were stored correctly:

  • in open containers no more than 5 days;
  • in deep freeze for about a year, but on condition that the berries were not washed before freezing.

It is best, of course, to immediately eat the berries that you picked and washed from a bluish wax coating.

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