Biography of Kobe Bryant one of the best players in the NBA

Now it’s time to write about the life of another famous athlete , Kobe Bryant, an NBA player who in his best time excited NBA fans as Michael Jordan or Shaquille O’Neal did at the time .

Among the various players of the 21st century who helped redefine the game of basketball and propelled it to greater heights, Kobe Byrant stands firm in his position.

In this new article we will review the beginning, promotion and stardom of Kobe Bryant in his 20 year career with the best biography you can find on the internet.

Biography of Kobe Bryant: childhood, career, personal life and death. 

General data of Kobe Bryant

  • Full Name: Kobe Bean Bryant
  • Nickname: Employee # 8, Kob-me, La Daga, Izzo, Mr. 81, Mamba Negra, KB8, Three rings, KB-24
  • Born: August 23, 1978
  • Place of birth: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Died: January 26, 2020 (at 41)
  • Nationality: American
  • Height: 6 feet 6 inches
  • Shoe size: 14
  • Weight: 210 lb (96 kg)
  • Education: Lower Merion High School
  • Parents: Joe Byrant (father), Pam Byrant (mother)
  • Wife: Vanessa Laine Bryant
  • Brothers: Shaya Byrant (sister), Sharia Byrant (sister)
  • Children: Capri Kobe Bryant, Bianka Bella Bryant, Gianna Maria-Onore Bryant, Natalia Diamante Bryant
  • Net worth: 500 million dollars
  • Occupation: Former Basketball Player
  • Retired team: Los Angeles Lakers
  • Jersey Number: # 24
  • Game Race: 1996–2016

Kobe Bryant's childhood

Kobe Bryant's childhood

The NBA star was born on August 23, 1978 in Philadelphia, and is the youngest of his father's three children, Joe Bryant and his mother, Pamela Cox Bryant .

Byrant's name comes from a Japanese beef, Kobe, while his middle name, Bean, comes from his father's nickname, 'jellybean'.

When Kobe Byrant was six years old, his father retired from the active game in the NBA and moved to Italy, where Byrant learned Italian. During the summer, Byrant returned to the United States to play basketball. His love for basketball may have been transmitted by his father when he started playing at the young age of three .

Byrant was unveiled nationally after an incredible performance at Lower Merion High School , he went on to play for the Lower Merion Varsity team and became the first freshman to start on the Lower Merion Varsity team .

Byrant won the Pennsylvania Player of the Year honor in his third year , which brought him offers from several university recruiters. He also participated in the Adidas ABCD Camp where he received a senior MVP award in 1995 .

Bryant led the Lakers after a 53-year drought, to his first state championship while in the last year .

He finished his high school career on a notable note as the top scorer of all time in southeastern Pennsylvania with 2,883 points . He won several awards, including that of player National Basketball Men of the Year , Player of the Year Naismith High School , and an All-American McDonald's . Despite scoring 1080 on his SAT, Byrant decided to become a professional after high school.

Kobe Bryant NBA career, achievements and honors

Los Angeles Lakers (1996-2016)

Byrant signed a three-year contract with the Lakers worth $ 3.5 million.

Byrant debuted for the Lakers in the Summer Pro League with an incredible performance. He became the youngest player in the NBA , playing limited minutes that increased as the season progressed.

He participated in the Rookie Challenge during the All-Star weekend where he won the Slam mates contest . After an incredible rookie season, Byrant was named to the second NBA rookie team.

In his second season in the Lakers , Byrant gained more game time and became the youngest player in the NBA All-Star in NBA history . He was runner-up in the Sixth NBA Man of the Year Award .

In the 1998-99 season he established himself as the number one guard in the NBA. He also signed a 7-year contract worth 60 million dollars with the Lakers.

The next season he saw Byrant rise to become the number one shooter in the NBA , earning the honors of the All-NBA, All-Star and All-Defensive . The Lakers won three consecutive NBA championships (2000, 2001, 2003) , which made Byrant the youngest player to achieve the feat with 23 years .

After setting an NBA record of three points in a match, Byrant received the honors while qualifying third in the league MVP vote.

The following season, Byrant was arrested for sexual assault and therefore missed several games as a result of a court appearance. However, he led his team to the NBA final , where they lost to the Detroit Pistons.

Byrant went on to sign another seven-year deal with the Lakers. The 2004/05 season was very hard for Byrant as he was heavily criticized by former Lakers coach Jackson, who referred to him as "untrainable," Byrant had fights with teammates Karl Malone and Ray Allen . He was also demoted to the third NBA team.

Byrant changed his jersey number from 8 to 24 in the 2006-07 NBA season . In December 2007, Byrant became the youngest player to score 20,000 points at the age of 29 . He won the MVP and was unanimously selected for the NBA team. The following season Byrant received the honors of the first NBA team and the first defensive team.

In the 2008/09 season, Byrant won his fourth NBA title and his first MVP of the NBA Finals . In April 2010, Byrant signed a three-year contract worth 87 million dollars with the Lakers . Byrant came to win the NBA championship for the fifth time and the MVP of the NBA Finals .

In the 2010/11 season, Byrant became the youngest player to get 27,000 points and win the All-Star MVP . The following season Byrant became the youngest player to get 30,000 points .

In November 2013, Byrant signed a two-year contract extension worth $ 48.5 million . His season was hampered by a knee injury. In November 2015, Byrant announced that he would retire at the end of the season. He was voted for the 2016 star game with 1.9 million votes and became the oldest player to score 60 points or more in an NBA game.

Finally, Kobe Bryant won 5 NBA championship rings, positioning himself only below other great NBA players such as Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan, Tom Sanders among others.

Kobe Bryant national team race

After missing several national team championships , Byrant debuted for the US national basketball team. in 2007 , at the FIBA Americas Championship Team where he won gold . He played in the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics, where he won the gold medal both times, but then retired.

Net worth, endorsements and sponsorship of Kobe Bryant Kobe Bryant

The net worth of Kobe Bryant is currently estimated at $ 350 million . He has had sponsorship agreements with Turkish Airlines, Nike , Adidas , Coca Cola , McDonald’s and Ferrero SpA , to name a few.

Kobe Bryant Personal Life

Kobe Byrant met his then wife Vanessa Lainein in November 1999 and they married in April 2001, despite opposition from Byrant parents who did not attend the wedding.

His first daughter, born in 2003, ended his disputes with his parents over their marriage. His wife suffered a miscarriage in 2005 but she gave birth to her second child in 2006. Her third child was born in 2016, and in 2019 they announced that a fourth child was on the way.

Byrant's reputation suffered significantly after he was accused of sexual assault in 2003, but the charges were dropped in September 2004 when the accuser refused to testify.

Currently, Byrant is ambassador for the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup .

Byrant released his first single titled KOBE in 2000.

The Kobe Bryant China Fund founded by Byrant and backed by the Chinese government promotes health and education programs in China .

Kobe Bryant's death

Unfortunately today, January 26, 2020, my birthday, coincided with the death of Kobe Bryant. Who died with 4 other people in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California, according to TMZ Sports.

It was also reported that his daughter, Gianna Maria Onore (also known as Gigi) , was also on board and died in the helicopter accident. The cause of the accident is currently unknown and remains under investigation.

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