Banana benefits | 10 Facts about Banana's | Health Benefits

Banana benefits | 10 Facts about Banana’s | Health Benefits

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We have always heard that banana is very good for increasing energy and concentration , but not only that … Banana has many properties to treat and prevent many health problems. We tell you what are the benefits of bananas:

1. Anti-cancer ability

According to research from the University of Tokyo, in ripe plantain it produces the substance TNF (tumor necrosis factor), which has great potential to fight tumor cells. When a banana is ripe, we observe black spots on the peel. The more spots you have, the greater the protection against cancer.

2. Good for the stomach

Eating a banana gives us 12% of the recommended daily fiber intake. With this fruit, it is no longer necessary to consume laxatives, and it helps prevent swelling. It is a highly recommended fruit for those who have intestinal disorders, as it acts as a natural stomach protector and neutralizes acidity.

3. The fruit for athletes

An investigation by the Appalachian State University Human Performance Laboratory in North Carolina found that bananas provide antioxidants that are not found in energy drinks. It has a greater nutritional boost and a healthy mixture of sugars that make it perfect for athletes. .
Not only that, but it is good for leg cramps, which are related to low levels of potassium, calcium and magnesium.

4. Beauty source

Banana is a fruit very rich in vitamin C and B6, essential nutrients for skin health. Banana potassium reduces acne, skin rashes and dry skin. It can be used as a wrinkle mask.

5. Hypertension

Thanks to high levels of potassium and low levels of salt, this fruit helps treat high blood pressure. Banana reduces the risk of suffering a stroke. According to a study by John Hopkins University in the US, eating 5 bananas a day is equivalent to taking medications to control hypertension.

6. Lowers cholesterol

Banana helps reduce blood cholesterol as it is an important source of plant fiber.

Soluble fiber is combined with bile acids from the digestive tract, so the liver begins to use stored cholesterol and absorbs that of the bloodstream, lowering its level in blood.

7. Depression and nervousness

Bananas contain tryptophan, a substance that turns into serotonin (also known as "the happiness hormone"), capable of relaxing the body, improving mood and increasing happiness. In a recent investigation, conducted by MIND (a mental health charity), it was shown that a group of depressed people felt much better after eating a banana.

Bananas are rich in vitamin B, essential for the nervous system. According to a study by the Australian Institute of Psychology, it is essential to avoid stress.

8. Hangovers

A banana smoothie is the perfect solution to cure hangovers since it has a calming effect on the stomach. Combined with honey it helps balance the level of blood sugar and hydrate the body.

9. Anemia

It is a fruit that helps naturally in anemia treatments, since it is very rich in iron, essential for the stimulation of hemoglobin in the blood.

10. Mosquito bites

Perhaps one of its least known properties is that it reduces the swelling and irritation caused by insect bites. You just have to rub the bite with the inside of a banana peel.

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