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The health benefits of Apple

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Most people ignore the health benefits of the apple. However, this fruit which can be easily bought everywhere deserves our full attention. learn the benefits Today.

Nutrition Facts

Calories 93 (389 kJ)
% DV*
Total Fat 0.3 g 0%
Saturated Fat < 0.1 g 0%
Polyunsaturated Fat < 0.1 g
Monounsaturated Fat < 0.1 g
Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
Sodium 2 mg 0%
Total Carbohydrate 24.7 g 8%
Dietary Fiber 4.3 g 17%
Sugars 18.6 g
Protein 0.5 g
Calcium 11 mg
Potassium 192 mg
Alcohol 0 g
Iron < 1 mg
Vitamin A 98 mg
Vitamin C 8 mg
Caffeine 0 mg

The benefits of apples

It has been stated that apples are far superior than other fruits. Many are sure that apples are the most healthy fruit. Let's figure out if this statement is true, and whether it is good for you to eat apples.

Just look at the composition above to understand how apples are useful in the daily diet. 

The benefits of apples to the human body are invaluable:

  • The fruit has an immunomodulatory effect on the body of children and adults.
  • Apples give us the full range of vitamins and minerals needed to protect health and restore strength.
  • The benefits of apples to a woman’s body are invaluable. In pregnancy, with menopause and PMS, a ripe apple is only beneficial.
  • Men will also appreciate the benefits of apples. Fruits are useful for restoring and maintaining male strength and overall health.
  • Apples are good for both adults and children. Fruit number one in the diet of any person, if there are no contraindications.

In this article, we will consider in detail the listed issues, and also learn many more interesting things about apples and their benefits!

The benefits of apples for the human body

Everyone loves apples, young and old. small and large And probably everybody would have tasted apple atleast once in their life. 

To begin, consider apples "botanical look." Indeed, in order to understand how much benefit these fruits bring to us, it is important to know what they are.

Useful properties of apples:

What organs and diseases are affected by applesWhat are apples good for?
Diabetes Benefitsfor healthy people, apples are considered prevention of type 2 diabetes; with diabetes, fruits with a minimum of sugars are recommended; thanks to apple fiber blood sugar jumps less
For the liverdetoxification of the body; How are apples good for the liver? - they resist the growth of malignant cells in this organ
For the brainfresh juice of apples provides a delay for brain aging; the concrete benefits to the mind have been proved in experiments on mice; drinking apple juice leads to an increase in the level of acetylcholine, which improves memory.
To protect against cancerfreshly squeezed juice reduces the likelihood of breast cancer by 45% (studies in rats eating 6 fruits per day); an apple diet reduces the risk of pancreatic cancer by 23%; nutrients from the peel of apples slow the growth of cancer cells in the liver, colon and mammary gland, Cornell University researchers have proven.
For bloodapples can be saved from cholesterol; soluble fibers combine fat in the intestines, which leads to lower cholesterol levels; just a couple of apples per day minimizes cholesterol by 15%, on a special apple diet, the indicator decreases by a third.
For the heart and blood vesselsacidic apples with a record amount of ascorbic acid will help strengthen the vascular walls, reduce their vulnerability to toxins, relieve swelling and quickly restore strength; fruit lovers suffer less from ischemia, because their vessels are less filled with cholesterol; these fruits improve the situation for the heart with hypotension
For gall bladdereasy choleretic effect, less stones are formed, prevention of cholecystitis; for gall disease, you should drink a glass of freshly squeezed juice 30 minutes before eating
With asthmaif you consume five apples a week, the risk of asthma, as well as other respiratory problems, decreases - Nottingham Research Institute; the benefits of apples for pregnant women are undeniable - their unborn children will suffer less from asthmatic problems
The benefits of apples for the body of a postmenopausal womanit is known that flavonoid floridzin together with boron in the composition makes bone tissue denser, therefore, in postmenopausal women are less at risk of osteoporosis
For digestionapples include fibers that cleanse the bowels with constipation, and when diarrhea absorbs excess moisture, it turns out that apples normalize stool; organic acids in combination with tannins slow down fermentation and putrefactive processes; pectin is considered a natural laxative, non-hazardous to the intestines. Information for those who track their weight: in 100 g of fresh apples 57 kcal; the same number of baked apples contains 66 kcal, but in dried - already 255 kcal.
Dental healththe healing properties for teeth and gums are obvious: when biting off an apple piece and chewing it, a person cleans plaque and removes dirt from the interdental space
For hair and face skinapple extract is included in many shampoos because it has a moisturizing effect; it is also an effective fight against acne, and an apple-protein mask mattifies oily skin

Apple Tree & types

Apples are  incredibly useful for the human body! The apple tree belongs to the family Rosaceae. The height of the tree reaches 15 meters. Depending on the variety, it can be a tall tree or a stunted shrub (from 1 to 1.5 meters). The trunk of apple trees of medium width, branches sprawling straight. Green oval irregular leaflets with a slightly dull rough surface. The apple tree blooms with delicate white, rarely pink flowers, collected from four to five petals. Depending on the variety, from about May to August, the fruits begin to ripen — apples. The apple tree fruit has a different size depending on the degree of ripening and variety. There are apples the size of a walnut, but some varieties are represented by fruits,

The color of a ripe apple may be:

  • in red;
  • pink;
  • yellow;
  • green
  • yellow with an orange or pink barrel;
  • green with a red or pink barrel;
  • deep purple;
  • white and green.

In all these shades, nature painted different varieties of apples. In addition to different colors, the shape of the fruits varies. The apple can be oblong, oval, round, heart-shaped. The ripe apple can taste sweet, sweet and sour, sour.

The origin of the apple tree is considered to be Central Asia. But this type of fruit tree is widespread in Europe. At the same time, the apple culture is unpretentious. Each climate zone has its own varieties. 

The benefits of apples for the body

Ask any doctor or nutritionist: are apples good for the body? You will probably be answered that this fruit is extremely important for saturating the human body with useful bioactive substances. And all thanks to the composition!

Composition of ripe apple:

  • phenols, flavonoids, carotenoids;
  • vitamins: C; A; IN; E; TO; PP;
  • iron, potassium, fluorine;
  • zinc, copper, iodine;
  • magnesium, sodium, phosphorus;
  • folic and other organic acids;
  • starch;
  • ash;
  • pectin;
  • inulin;
  • cellulose.

100 g of product contains:

  • proteins - 0.4 g;
  • fats - 0.4 g;
  • carbohydrates - 9.8 g.

Total calories - 47 Kcal.

The positive effects of eating ripe apples:

  • immunomodulatory effect;
  • anti-anemia effect;
  • anti-inflammatory effect;
  • easy disinfecting effect;
  • intestinal stimulation;
  • antitumor effect;
  • improving the quality of flora;
  • regenerative and cleansing effect on the liver;
  • normalization of cholesterol in the blood;
  • a beneficial effect on the sugar curve in type I, type II diabetes;
  • removal of toxins and toxins;
  • restoration of vitality;
  • removal of excess fluid from the body;
  • weight correction;
  • anti-aging effect;
  • gum and tooth enamel strengthening;
  • support of the heart and blood vessels;
  • mood improvement.

This is not a complete list of the beneficial properties of apples. Surely many noticed that, going to visit someone in the hospital, we take with us a bag of apples, or at least 1-2 ripe fruits. This fruit is included in the menu of kindergartens, medical, spa facilities, schools. An apple is considered the most healthy and safe fruit, which carries an incredible amount of benefits.

Separately, it is worth noting the benefits of apples for the body of men and women.

The benefits of apples for a woman’s body

Apple improves the sex life. The main role in these fruits is played by folic acid and iron. These substances are very vital in preparation for conception and during gestation. Folic acid helps the formation of the placenta and the fetus, contributes to the proper development and smooth course of pregnancy. Iron, which is saturated with apple, helps prevent the development of anemia. 

This fruit is considered low allergenic (especially green, yellow apples). It can be eaten little by little during lactation. Fiber contained in ripe fruits helps to establish intestinal motility, prevents constipation. In these fruits, there are many substances that stabilize the hormonal background, trigger a normal metabolism. Apples are valuable during menopause. They are good for weight correction and skin youthfulness

The benefits of apples for men

Men will also appreciate the benefits of apples to the body! These fruits help strengthen muscle tissue. They help make the body sturdier, stronger. Apples have a positive effect on the blood formula. These fruits protect against colds and infectious diseases. Apples are useful for the prevention of prostatitis and prostate adenoma. These fruits contain a full range of vitamins and minerals necessary to maintain and protect the nervous system. 

Apples improve brain function. It is believed that apples contain substances that help restore potency and strengthen male strength. These fruits slow down the aging process and improve the quality of the skin, hair and nails. Apples are a good nourishment for physically active male athletes or those who are engaged in hard physical labor.

Are apples good for children?

An apple is the most valuable and healthy fruit for a child’s body! It is with apples that we begin the first feeding of the baby. Only an apple has a minimum of effects. Apples help protect the child's body during the season of infectious and colds. These fruits energize, promote growth, development. You can taste apples from 4-5 months (as part of baby food). It can be applesauce or juice, or fresh apple pulp carefully mashed with a spoon. Before giving your baby the first time to try an apple, it is worth consulting with a specialist! However, it is worth noting that these fruits have a small number of effects.

Effects to our body

With all the enormous benefits of apples, there is still a chance of harm from eating juicy sweet fruits.

When can’t you eat apples? It is worth highlighting the following list of contraindications:

  • acute period of food allergies;
  • children's age up to 4 months;
  • pancreatitis and other pancreatic diseases;
  • acute phase of gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer;
  • acute intestinal upset.

In type I diabetes, apples are counted as 9.8 grams of carbohydrates per 100 grams of ripe apple. From this calculation for apple compensation, the required amount of insulin is calculated. Diabetics with type II disease are recommended to choose apples of green varieties. Such a fruit has a low glycemic index.

For any chronic diseases and acute pathological conditions, do not eat apples without consulting a doctor!

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