8 Interesting facts about Moon | Fun Moon Facts | CHAMMPION
8 Interesting facts about Moon | Fun Moon Facts | CHAMMPION

8 facts about the moon,

1. The first step to Moon

The first step was Moon 20, 1969, and this event was noted at the peak of space exploration during the game, which was developed between the United States and the former Soviet Union in the first decade. Despite the fact that this month is still one of the only agencies on Earth for men, I visited personally and few people know all the details of Earth satellites. Eight facts before you that you may not know about the moon.

8 Interesting facts about Moon | Fun Moon Facts | CHAMMPION

2. The moon is all around the earth

Instead, she will travel to our earth—sometimes approaching, sometimes turning around the sun. The reason we think the moon is all around the earth, that's what its movement looks like from our point of view.

We don't know how it looks in the big picture. For many years, we must understand that the moon is relative to the earth, just like the sun. The moon does not circulate around the earth, just because the earth revolves around the sun. The path the moon orbits the sun and moves it with the earth.

The path of the moon around the sun looks like this:

3. Trees with a moon on Earth

Hundreds of tree species were brought to the mission during the month of "Apollo-14" in 1971. A former employee of US Forest (US Forest Service) Stuart Rosa took seeds as personal items in the framework of the project NASA / US Forest Service.

Upon returning to Earth, the germination of these seeds caused the seedlings to be planted in the United States, in celebration of the bicentennial of the event in the country in 1977.

4. There is no dark side

Drop your fingers on the fist table. You see his back. The knuckles that someone would see at the table on the other side. About us see on the moon. Because it is the tide that locks our planet, we will always see her with the same point of view.

The "dark side" of this concept is the universal cultural book of the moon, Pink Floyd's 1973 "Dark Side of the Moon" and the thriller of the same name in 1990 and the true meaning is far, night. We have never seen its closest other side.

However, we have pictures, this

5. Over a long period of time, we have seen most of the months, due to the vibrations of the Moon

moon in its orbital path and from the earth (at a speed of about one inch per year), to see our earth around the sun.

If you watch the moon approaching as its acceleration and deceleration process, you will see that she is swaying from north to south and moving from east to west during this journey, which is called balance movement. As a result of this movement, we see part of the field, which is usually hidden (about nine percent).

However, we will never see the other 41%.

6. Helium-March can solve the energy problem of the earth

Solar wind power, and always faces the moon and the lunar surface of absorbed rocks. One of the most valuable gases in the wind and absorbed rocks is helium-3, a rare isotope of helium-4 (which is commonly used in balloons).

Helium-3 is perfected to meet the needs of fusing the reactor with subsequent energy generation.

One hundred tons of helium-3 may meet the needs of the Earth's energy for one year, according to estimates of extreme technology. The moon's surface contains about 50,000 tons of helium-3, compared to only 15 tons on Earth.

The idea is that we are going to the moon, my helium-3 mine, we collect it in a tank and send it to Earth. However, it can happen quickly.

7. Are there any real myths related to the crazy full moon?

Actually not. The hypothetical brain is the body of a human being with the rarest organs, and is rooted in legends during the month of influence, which has been in the Aristotle's era for millennia.

Because the Moon ’s gravity controls the tides of the Earth ’s oceans, humans are 60% water (and 73% in the brain), and Aristotle and Roman scholar Pring believe that the Moon should have similar effects.

This idea led to the terms "agricultural madness", "the role of Transylvania" (that became widespread in medieval Europe) and "moon madness". Special oil poured into the fire in the 20th century, the full moon of the United States was mental illness, road traffic accidents, murders and other incidents.

In 2007, the government sent an additional police patrol for the full moon (with payday too) for the order of Brighton, a British seaside town.

But science believes that there is no statistical relationship between the behavior of a person and a full moon, according to several studies, one of which was conducted by American psychologists John Rotton and Ivan Kelly. It's impossible that the moon affects our minds, not that it just adds a light to whether or not a crime has been committed.

In the 1970s administration Richard Nixon gave stones from the moon's surface, in the mission "Apollo 11 and Apollo-17", leaders of 270 countries.

"We want to share these gems, all countries of our world say," Astronaut "Apollo 17," Eugene Cullen.

Unfortunately, more than a hundred of these stones were lost, as expected, to the black market. At NASA in 1998, Joseph Gutheinz even carried out a covert operation called a "lunar eclipse" to end the illegal sale of these stones.

What is all the hype? A lunar rock and a pea are estimated to be $ 5 million in black markets.

8. The moon belongs to Dennis Hope

At least he thinks so.

In the 1980s, using a loophole in the United Nations Treaty space assets in 1967, according to "No State" could not qualify for a solar system, Nevada residents Dennis hoped had been written into the United Nations and announced the right to private property. He didn't answer.

But why wait? It is hoped that the Kainong Embassy will start selling each of the $ 19.99 odnoaktnaya land. The United Nations solar system is almost the same as the world's oceans: beyond the economic zone and the earth that belongs to every inhabitant. The United Nations wants to claim celebrities with foreign real estate for sale and three former presidents.

It is unclear whether a treaty or language that Dennis really doesn't understand is really hoped to enable a law to evaluate their actions to develop celestial resources, starting in a more transparent legal environment.

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