38 Amazing Facts About the Human Body | Science | Chammpion

38 Amazing Facts About the Human Body

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research has been done for centuries and will continue to happen in future. Therefore, if new and interesting facts related to the human body are presented to you then it will not be surprising.

But still, the story of the human body is very exciting. Some things are related to our daily life but still, we do not pay attention to that. Today, we will tell you some such new and interesting facts related to the human body, which you probably will not be aware of .

The brain moves more at night

38 Amazing Facts About the Human Body | Science | Chammpion

The brain remains active at night more than day. Scientists do not even know what is the reason behind this.

More dreams than IQ

The faster the IQ, the more dreams come.

Fastest Facial Hair

Facial hair grows faster than other parts of the body.

This finger nail grows fast

The middle finger nails grow faster than other fingers.

Toenails grow shorter

Hand nails grow four times faster than foot nails.

Only 7 years to Hair Lifespan

The average lifespan of human hair is 3 to 7 years.

Stomach acid heavy on zinc

The acid in your stomach is enough to burn zinc. But this does not harm the stomach because the stomach walls are constantly renewed.

Women's beat fast

Females have a faster heartbeat than males.

Men take short naps

Women take twice as many naps than men.

More sniffing ability in women

Women have better smelling ability than men.

Men's fat combustion intensifies

Men burn fat faster than women at a rate of 50 calories per day.

Hiccups on male

Men have more hiccups than women

Reduced blood in women

Men have about 6.8 liters of blood in their bodies while women have about 5 liters.

Small and big cell

The largest cell in the body is the female egg and the smallest cell is the male egg.

Saliva as swimming pool

During your lifetime you spit so much that two saliva bridges can be filled with that saliva

Children have blue eyes

Children are always born with blue eyes. It takes time for the melanin to freeze in their eyes

Erections occur per hour

Men have erections per hour of sleep. This is due to a combination of blood circulation and testosterone production.

Eating too much weakens the ears

After eating too much, the hearing capacity decreases.

Taste is from saliva

If your saliva is not mixed with food, you will not be able to feel the taste of the food.

Effect of noise on pupil

Noise makes your eyes widen.

Taste disappears at 60

By the age of 60, most people lose about half of their taste buds.

Eye size

Eyes do not grow after birth, but the growth of nose and ears does not stop.

Incense burns blood vessels

A simple, moderately severe sunburn burns blood vessels extensively.

Morning length more

Our length is 1 cm in the morning compared to the evening. Is much longer.

Tongue strongest

The strongest muscle in the human body is the human tongue.

There is a lot of life in the jaw

The jaw bone is the strongest bone in the human body.

bacteria in the skin

There are 32 bacteria per inch of your skin but these are not harmful bodies.

300 million cells destroyed per minute

The 300 million cells of the human body per minute are destroyed and adults produce 300 billion new cells per day.

Scary dreams in the cold room

The colder the room you sleep in, the more likely you are to have scary dreams.

Human tears

Man is the only species whose emotional tears come out.

Colors not visible at birth

Not all children can see colors at birth, they can only see black or white

Blood cornea

The cornea of the eyes in the body is the only part where there is no blood supply. It gets oxygen directly from the air.

Water is very important

An ordinary person can live for 20 days without eating, but cannot survive more than 2 days without water.

Throat Strangle

It is not possible to strangle yourself.

A sharp and a weak eye

Everyone has one eye sharp and one eye weak.

New skeleton in 10 years

Your skeleton revives itself every ten years, which means you get a new skeleton every ten years.

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