10 innovations that will change our world | Future Technology

  1. 5 Autonomous Robots

    10 innovations that will change our world | Future Technology | Chammpion

    In the near future, autonomous robots will enter our lives even more. Now smart robots are used in a controlled environment and are under human supervision, however this will change soon. Single robotic cars will appear in the public space, and in the areas of agriculture and delivery, robots will appear first. The myth that robots will take part of human work will soon become a reality.

  2. 4 Conservation of Ecology

    10 innovations that will change our world | Future Technology | Chammpion

    Conservation of ecology is becoming one of the main tasks for humanity. Scientists are working on finding alternative sources of energy and resources, this invention will help to reduce the negative impact of human life and on the environment. The creation of special neural networks will help evaluate consumption and propose solutions to reduce demand, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and resource extraction costs. More and more government investments will help to solve these problems, and the formation of green habits will become one of the main trends.

  3. 3 Mobile Apps

    10 innovations that will change our world | Future Technology | Chammpion

    Applications for tracking the state of our body is another advancement in the future. More and more unique applications of this type will be seen.  These applications will help us to make an order for the right medicine if you have a cold or measure your blood sugar - all this will be done by the application. And in the future, artificial intelligence is the ability to correct human genes.

  4. 2 Sewage Waste System

    10 innovations that will change our world | Future Technology | Chammpion

    Waste-free toilets are needed primarily in undeveloped countries, where sewage merges into water bodies and contributes to the spread of epidemics and infectious diseases. In 2011, Bill Gates launched a competition for young companies to invent toilets that recycle waste themselves and do not require sewage. Farthest was Biomass Controls, which introduced a waste heating system to form fertilizers.

  5. 1 Artificial Meat

    10 innovations that will change our world | Future Technology | Chammpion

    According to UN predictions the world population in 2050 will be 9.7 billion. in. And human beings will begin to consume even more meat. However the production requires sufficient resources. For example. To get 1 Pound(0.43 KG) of Beef, you need 16 pounds(7.2 KG) of greenery/vegetables and about 10000 liters of water. In comparison growing 1 pound of wheat will require not more less than 100 liters of water.

    People are trying to find alternatives, and now there are at least innovations. First the test tube meat. The technology is promising, but far from entering the commercial market. The second alternative is the grown meat, which matches the animal's taste, smell and characteristic. This is already being done by Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods - Bill Gates has become an investor in both.

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